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Many years ago, a pirate sailing ship, navigating the waters on the Sarno river, landed in a wonderful Valley to hide a treasure of art and culture. It was the Sarno Valley and on the sailing ship there were Netes, the crayfish and Mis the little warm to sly pirates.
The Valley, enriched by that precious charming booty, became enchanted and the pirates decided to leave the treasure there. We are in the Sarno Valley in the XXI Century. Netes and Mis never left the Valley  and today they are our mascots of happiness along the Sarno River.
Our friends eyepatches and bandannas love adventures and fun. Where is their crew? You are their crew! Locals, tourists and lovers of the Sarno Valley Netes and Mis count on you in order to embark upon adventures and gain knowledge of this magical territory. You can see that these adventure pirates are superheros. How many missions on this earth, how many adventures and how many responsibilities! Yes, because they were born in order to defend nature, the beauty and the history of these places and they have customs and superpowers to face every difficulties.
Here they are wearing a super swimsuit to swim in the Sarno river to look for polluting agents to fight. How much work they have to do in these waters!!! Luckily to help the little secret agent Netes there is the little Mis who with his big eyes can find also the slightest poisonous toxin that is in the water of this important river of our territory. And when it comes to introducing the beauty of the Sarno Valley …voila… Netes becomes a wee prepared guide in the future or in the past on the scene of the virtual theatre of the Sarno Valley!
What excitement when he becomes a roman centurion and goes walking in the ancient time to show how beautiful the city of Nuceria was.  He meets warriors, princesses, architects, peasants who tell their own history.
Another travel allows Netes & Mis to explore the new technologies of the future. They are wearing helmets and coveralls and away they go!!!With the small ship they explore a new world called Second Life, where their friends- “technological scientists”- had built the Sarno Valley, where they can find places, history and tradition.
All in all, friends, our superheros have been given a lots to do, but they also need You!
Join their adventure!

Animated presentation of Netes & Mis

The videogame of Netes & Mis

The colouring book of Netes & Mis

Realizzato dalla Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici Salerno-Avellino e Benevento, nell'ambito del progetto pilota per la gestione dei beni complessi della Valle del Sarno di cui all'Intesa Istituzionale di Programma, finanziata dalla Regione Campania nell'ambito dell'Accordo di Programma Quadro - II atto integrativo all'APQ 'Sviluppo Locale'.

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