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Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino

The town

The first news of the toponym dates back to the beginnings of the XI century. The discovery of burials, funeral epigraphs and marmoreal cippus of Roman age, as well as the individualization of the cryptoporticus of a suburban villa of the I century B.C. attest that the city territory was already inhabited during ancient times, since in the piedmont an important road connected Nuceria Alfaterna to Stabiae. In the city center, close to the church of St.Maria Maddalena in Armillis is situated, from the XVII century, a marmoreal fountain of Augustan age, decorated with the personification of the god Sarno.

The happy geographical displacement has favoured the formation of a particular microclimate, ideal for the implant of wide citrus groves that has allowed the insertion of the Municipality among the places under the aegis of the UNESCO.



To see


Abbey of S. Maria Maddalena in Armillis
The actual church, many times rearranged, preserves valuable works of art among which noteworthy are the Polyptych by Pietro Negroni (1543), the S. Nicola by Giovanni Antonio D’Amato and works of Solimena, as well as the fragments of medieval frescoes on the façade and in the hypogeum.

Ferrajoli della Fontana Palace
The actual organization dates back to the second half of the XVIII century. The elegant façade is slightly rounded off with an ample inside court that introduces to the back garden. To see the funeral base of imperial epoch dedicated to Pomponia Tyche, lived only 19 years.




Events and folklore

First Sunday of June:
Feast of St.Nicola, Saint Patron of Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino. Traditional procession of the statue along the principal roads of the country.
13 June: Feast of St. Antonio, traditional procession of the statue of the Saint for the streets of Orta Loreto, hamlet of Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino.

Second Sunday of July:
Feast of the Madonna delle Grazie, suggestive procession of the statue of the Virgin.

10 August:
Feast of St. Lorenzo, with procession of the statues of the two martyrs, St.Lorenzo and St.Diodato.

Viva cultura, culturally events.
Third Saturday and third Sunday of September: Demonstration: The courtyards of history. Walk on in custome animate, accompanied by songs and music, the characteristics courts of the ’500, and of the ’600, proposing the tasting of typical products like the fusilli and the pasta of sciuanelle.
Third Sunday of September: The historical procession, a costume evoking of the election of the Mayor, particular celebration of the ancient University of Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino, that uninterruptedly took place from 1500 to 1806.




Particularly famous are the fusilli, from the lengthened curl shape, handmade by the local housewives. To taste also the pasta of sciuanelle, obtained by a mix of corn flour, ground and cooked with water, salt, pepper and pork fat. Once cooled, pasta is cooked in the oven, cut in slices and served with beans or porcini. Very appreciated in this area are also the citrus fruits.




By bus
With the Sita Amalfi-Salerno line and Amalfi-Napoli or with the Cstp Salerno-Pompei and Pagani-Napoli line.

By car
With the A3 and the A30, exit at Angri or Nocera Inferiore-Pagani.

By train
With the Napoli-Salerno line, the nearest station is Angri.



Telephone numbers

• Municipality - 081/915655
• Police (local) - 081/915885
• Police (state) - 081/920311
• Carabinieri - 081/948383 (Angri)
• Guardia di Finanza - 081/51763348 (Noc. Sup.)
• Fire services - 081/5157128
• Medical aid - 081/9368176
• Civil Protection (Papa Charlie) - 081/5155757
• Water services - 081/5161517 (Gori) - 800218270
• Electricity-Gas – 800900800 - 800016086

From "Guida alla Valle del Sarno" Istituto geografico De Agostini 2006

Realizzato dalla Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici Salerno-Avellino e Benevento, nell'ambito del progetto pilota per la gestione dei beni complessi della Valle del Sarno di cui all'Intesa Istituzionale di Programma, finanziata dalla Regione Campania nell'ambito dell'Accordo di Programma Quadro - II atto integrativo all'APQ 'Sviluppo Locale'.

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