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San Marzano sul Sarno

The town


The agricultural and commercial centre has remote origins: the presence of a wide necropolis, with depositions from the iron age, documents a human settlement existed toward the half of the IX century B.C.

These graves are probably tied up to the Sarrastheses, remembered by the ancient authors. The peculiar characteristic of the depositions, datable up to the first quarter of the VIII century, is the presence of homogeneous funeral set for both sexes: besides ceramics of local production and greek importation, there are weapons and ornamental objects like necklaces with vague of amber, glassy pasta, fajence (majolica) and utensils. Such elements of the material culture, until some time ago were exposed in the showcases of an Antiquarium, situated in the rooms of the Town Hall, an elegant building from the second half of the nineteenth century. Today, the centre is in strong economic transformation.



To see

Church of S. Biagio
Dedicated to the patron of the city, this church shows a sober façade of neoclassic style; inside stucco and mouldings along the walls are visible.

Church of S. Maria delle Grazie
Founded in 1513, noteworthy is the presence, inside, of the appreciated choir.

Congregation of the SS. Rosario

Located close to the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie, it deserves a visit for the beautiful Madonna del Rosario by the campano painter Giovanni Antonio D’Amato of the XVI century.



Events and folklore

Feast of St. Biagio, patron saint of the village. To celebrate the patron, the believers of the village “offer to the saint” vases of flowers, personal objects and volatile. At the end of the celebration, all the gathered objects are auctioned; the proceeds are used to finance the patronal feast organizer committee. During the day, close to the traditional procession, there is a musical demonstration. In the same month also the Feast of the tomatoes takes place, on the occasion of which special stands of typical products are prepared.





In San Marzano it is possible to taste the caponata or rather slices of black bread seasoned with tomatoes from San Marzano; also, excellent spaghetti with tomatoes and savoury meatballs cooked in the local “golden red” sauce can be tasted.


The San Marzano Tomatoes
The golden fruits of the Solanum Lycopersicum or the local pummarole, from the lengthened berry and the bittersweet taste, perhaps took root in the age of Enlightenment in the earths made fertile by the Vesuvius and the Sarno river. It is a plant which was distrusted for a long time in the past despite the elegant aspect of the sinuous shoots on which green leaves and yellow five petals flowers are grafted. The ecotype San Marzano, from the green fruits, coloured of a bright red during the summer, has become “the golden red” of these earths. After the crisis of the crops in the 1980’s, today the action of saving and maintaining the genetic lines and improvement of the crops, started by the Campania Region, has allowed an international raising especially in virtue of the recognition of the Denomination of Protected Origin.




By bus
With the Cstp service, the Nocera-Sarno line.

By car
With the A3, exit at Nocera Inferiore or with the A30, exit at Castel San Giorgio.

By train
The nearest station is that of San Valentino Torio.



Telephone numbers

• Municipality - 081/5188111
• Police (local) - 081/956767
• Police (state) - 081/920311
• Carabinieri - 081/915444 (Pagani)
• Guardia di Finanza - 081/8590527 (Scafati)
• Fire services - 081/5157128
• Medical aid - 081/9368176
• Civil Protection “Capoverde” - 081/5186000
• Water services - 081/5161517 - 800218270
• Electricity-Gas - 800900800 - 800016086

From "Guida alla Valle del Sarno" Istituto geografico De Agostini 2006

Realizzato dalla Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici Salerno-Avellino e Benevento, nell'ambito del progetto pilota per la gestione dei beni complessi della Valle del Sarno di cui all'Intesa Istituzionale di Programma, finanziata dalla Regione Campania nell'ambito dell'Accordo di Programma Quadro - II atto integrativo all'APQ 'Sviluppo Locale'.

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