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The Sarno Valley paints a picture of an harmonious landscape for culture and tradition, for geographical and economical characteristics: a unique city. Spreading out in the plans of the Sarno river, which represents the historical time-line of the towns in the area, the valley of Sarno emerges from many unquestionable archaeological traces.
Accessible from all cardinal directions, it offers numerous opportunities for short or long planned breaks.
A long the famous tourist routes, from Pompeii to Paestum, the variety of landscapes give one the opportunity to follow different itineraries, including the religious, the cultural and the historical ones.
Each of them will be provided with offers of delicious food and home-made artcrafts.

There have been numerous project and studies conducted to give value, to protect and to make maximum use of this cultural resource and to rise the  level of social welfare and local identity. There have also been efforts to establish new business opportunities in the sectors of cultural activities.
All of this has allowed for a more efficient “re-discovery” of the territory between Sarno and Nocera.
The Promoted strategic guideline from the project, called “Nuceria – il grande parco” subtends the dimensions of the sustainability and of the quality, understood as the capacity of utilizing the cultural heritage, is to be an integral part of both the surroundings and landscape and the social and economical activities of its citizens. They will serve as the basis to start every action and will participate aswell. For this, an idea was born that requires not only participation in the recuperation and protection of cultural assets, but most of all with rational implementation of utilization, through media and technical support.
The project expects, infact, the synergetic use of the most advanced technological solutions applied to the cultural assets and to a target-audience communication campaign. The purpose of the campaign is to promote and to make use of the cultural heritage through new technology, so to involve and attract the interest of different targets according to the principle of sustainability and social responsibility. Citizens, tourists, interested people and those just passing by have to complete an important step for the “re-discovery” of the Sarno Valley: to learn how to recognise among the buildings. The concrete and new materials that span the citizens horizon, an historical and cultural heritage that is open to development and change. The challenge is addressed to the local population with particular reference to the young people, to whom the new technologies are dedicated, but also to tourists through the identification, the development and the strategic combination of the new services.
The main aims of the project are:
  • To protect, preserve and increase the value of the cultural heritage of the Sarno Valley
  • To boost archaeological tourism
  • To promote employment through scientific research
  • To increase the value of the local identity

The project promoted by archaeological heritage office of Salerno, thanks to loan issued by the Intesa Istituzionale di Programma - as agreed in the “local development act”- in alliance with Patto dell’Agro S.p.A., has been carried out with the help of  ArtResearch ( a company highly specialised in the creation of multimedia software for cultural heritage purposes) and Ducati Systems (the world wide electronics leader) with its technology, scientific content and its entertainment services. Also aiding in this project are InCoerenze, a well-known network that provides every communication service and stands out in its field for its perfect integration of communication strategies and organization of events. 
The project involves the realization of different supports, above all technological ones, in particular: “Sarno explorer”, the innovative audio guide that leads the users to the discovery of the artistic and cultural heritage of the Sarno Valley. Using an handheld high technology PC that can give visitors historical, cultural, gastronomic and wine information and useful tips7suggestions, both in English and Italian. Thanks to a GPS system, visitors can access “on demand” information in real time, supplied by a customer’s localization. Such a device based on Muse system, a palmtop PC purposely created to address multimedia contents in the field of the cultural heritage, sets itself up as a unique tour-guide for the Sarno Valley and its main features are:
  • A wide-dimension high-quality display;
  • A localization satellite system;
  • The synchronization of more devices to manage group visits.
These devices are available at the Fienga castle in Nocera Inferiore and the Battistero di Santa Maria Maggiore in Nocera Superiore.

The website of the Sarno Valley is fill of up-to-date information and useful links for the discovery of the territory.
The three-dimensional modelling of the Battistero Paleocristiano of Santa Maria Maggiore and the digitization of 500 works of the Fienga collection, archaeological collection of considerable value are not yet available for the public at present time.

A strategic communication focuses on information and on the sesitivity about the cultural heritage of the Sarno Valley, that use different media to favour the reception of the Sarno Valley as a distinguished brand and bearer of values. 

Realizzato dalla Soprintendenza Beni Archeologici Salerno-Avellino e Benevento, nell'ambito del progetto pilota per la gestione dei beni complessi della Valle del Sarno di cui all'Intesa Istituzionale di Programma, finanziata dalla Regione Campania nell'ambito dell'Accordo di Programma Quadro - II atto integrativo all'APQ 'Sviluppo Locale'.

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